Sep 14, 2020

We're excited to release one of our most productivity boosting updates to date so you can save more time and remove further manual work from your plate by using Nifty! 🙌

Reimagined List View

Our new and improved List View for tasks puts the power of customization in your hands as you can create and remove Custom Columns using custom fields in your task board. Additionally, Task Lists can now be rearranged and collapsed in this List View. Having said that, List View really comes to life with the next feature…

Bulk Actions

Select multiple tasks at a time in List View using shift-select to quickly assign, give a due date, add tags, add custom fields, complete, and archive/remove tasks in bulk! No more headache of doing things one by one.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you wish to create a task, milestone, or a document from anywhere in the app instead of having to manually access the project and module first? Well, now you can! Additionally, now you can edit messages, chats, and comments posted with a single click as well. Available Shortcuts:

  • Creating a Task: CMD-ALT-T
  • Creating a Milestone: CMD-ALT-M
  • Creating a Document: CMD-ALT-O
  • Editing a Message or Comment: Up Arrow (while text input field is focused)

Cross-Project Dependencies

Teamwork between teams has never been easier. Reflect the impact of task dependencies between teams with our expanded dependencies to further bridge the gaps in cross-team workflows!

Expanded Recurring Task Parameters

You asked, we listened! Repeating workflows are now expanded with support for recurring tasks based on bi-monthly, quarterly, and yearly parameters.

Zapier Templates

We've put together a list of pre-made Zapier integrations for popular apps for you to use. All you need to do is hit the Use this Zap button to connect with your favorite apps and automate your workflow.

Other Improvements

  • Your Spotlight Search is now revised with quick action shortcuts to your keyboard shortcuts to quickly create tasks, milestones, and docs across your workspace.
  • Task actions in task modals are now collapsed and hide advanced features behind a "Show More" button, allowing you to focus on the core items.
  • Projects can now be dragged and dropped across portfolios to facilitate easy project hand-overs and transitions.
  • Added collapse list option in Kanban to help you better organize work.
  • Added archive all completed tasks option.
  • Added ability to delete active and archived docs.
  • Added subtask counter for tasks in list view.
  • Improved project search in the main sidebar! Only relevant portfolios that house the projects will be shown.
  • More project templates! New templates for Getting Things Done (GTD) category along with additional templates across existing categories have been added.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with our doc editor spanning across code blocks, copy-pasting, and undo functionality.
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