Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

October 4th, 2022




This update is focused on giving you the control to optimize your Nifty layout and workflow while enhancing your reporting. 📈

Task View Reports


Generate visual dashboard-style reports in your Projects Tasks, My Work, and All Tasks based on your viewing filters with the click of a button. Change your viewing filters on your Task screen to customize the report data. Learn more

Compact View for Overview


The all-new Compact View option in Overview and Roadmap will display more projects, and Milestones so you can get a full on birds-eye view for your timelines. Learn more

Expanded Milestones


Additionally, you can now expand Milestones to further view the tied Tasks on their individual Gantt levels

Two-Way JIRA Integration

Nifty _ JIRA.jpg

Sync Task boards between Nifty and JIRA via Automations to reflect your devops workflow with Nifty roadmapping. Changes in Nifty can be seen in JIRA as well. Learn more

Remove Weekends

Hide or show weekends in your Project Roadmaps and Tasks on the calendar and remove them from your durations to improve focus! Learn more

Additional Updates

  • Starting or ending a Zoom meeting will no longer post the meeting id's in the chats to keep it clean.
  • Fixed an issue with unarchiving multiple tasks at once.
  • Fixed an issue with local time not showing correctly for team members.
  • Fixed various bugs and improved speed for annotations on files.
  • Miscellaneous performance and bug fixes


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