October 25, 2020

This update includes many of our highly requested improvements to bring the ultimate workflow management experience to your day-to-day! 🚀

Subtask Comments

Drill down a level deeper by leaving subtask descriptions using comments or discuss subtasks amongst stakeholders for more focused collaboration.

Custom Fields in Reports

All reports exported from Overview, Project Tasks and Milestones will now include custom fields in the .csv files.

Improved Reporting

Timesheets will now have a table-format view in PDF exports for improved visual reporting. Additionally, Workloads, Overview, Task, and Milestone reports will now have a PDF export support.

Additional Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed missing user roles in user profile tooltips.
  • Fixed bulk task deletions that sometimes didn't delete tasks.
  • Fixed copy/pasting tables from excel files into Nifty Docs
  • Improved doc renaming for Nifty docs that can be done through doc menu in the docs tab as opposed to be opening the docs first.
  • Improved task filter by adding Without Milestone option under milestones to filter out tasks that are not tied to any milestones.
  • Recurring tasks time format will now adjust to local time settings.
  • Added search box for projects in the add a task modal to enable quick actions.
Got questions? Reach us at team@niftypm.com or tweet at us @niftypm

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