Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

May 6, 2021





This update is intended to improve the experience and performance of Nifty to help you work smarter, not harder. 💪

Enhanced Notification Management

Our new notifications tray allows you to easily sift through updates by filtering for tasks that are assigned to you, comments where you're specifically mentioned, and docs that are shared with you. Additionally, you can mark notifications as unread to come back to them later.

Multi-Workspace Sign In

If you are part of more than one team with different email accounts, you can now bring them under the same roof with our multi-workspace connectivity. Easily join other groups and manage your work more efficiently.

Creating Tasks from Chats

You can now hover over a message in your direct messages widget and easily turn your 1-1 or group conversations into actionable tasks.

Improved Messaging

We've completely refactored our keyboard input across discussions, chats, and comments to help bring down the latency of typing messages to zero.

Performance Optimizations

We've made major under-the-hood changes on how Nifty works so we can continue to scale reliably. Additionally, the movement of real-time data built on a technology called "sockets" has been upgraded, so users who were facing delays in messages and updates should now see them appear promptly.

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • Project Duplication will now also include custom fields in Milestones.
  • Collapsing or expanding your calendar in My Tasks will now save your preference.
  • Fixed an issue where Recurring Tasks would create duplicates of a task upon recurring.
  • Fixed an error where users would receive notifications on tasks from which they are unsubscribed.
  • Fixed an issue where pasting would not properly insert content in Nifty Docs.
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