Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

March 11th, 2022




This Nifty update allows you to customize your workflow to highlight what's relevant with colors and controls! 🚀

Color Coded Statuses

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Mark statuses with colors to help differentiate tasks, beautifully. Tasks within a colored Status will show that status' color across Timeline, Calendar, and Workloads view — so you can align everyone on the progress!

Taskboard Controls

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Define your Kanban view by enabling the exact data you need to see. Show or hide image previews, descriptions, tags, task IDs, and now even custom fields on task cards. You can even default these views for everyone.

Time Scheduling

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You can now view un-scheduled tasks in your personal and team calendar views and drag them across your monthly, weekly, or daily view to easily manage your schedule.

Collapsible Sidebars

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Looking to get a complete visual overview of your roadmap and workloads? You can now collapse your milestone and workloads sidebar to get a birds-eye visual view.

Additional Updates

  • Nifty will now remember your default Notifications tray filter so that you no longer need to manually flip to Show Unread.
  • New project docs can now be created right from Tasks so you can keep relevant information together.
  • Emails forwarded to projects by project members will now automatically appear as a Task in the first Status unless structured to appear in a specific Status or as a Discussion message as outlined in our Help Article
  • Miscellaneous performance & bug fixes.


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