Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

Mar 1, 2021





This is a managerial update that makes tracking and staying on top of your work in Nifty even easier. 🔥

Subtasks in My Tasks & All Tasks

Subtasks with due dates will now show in your My tasks & All tasks so you can stay on top of all your tasks and make it easier than ever to manage them.

Completed Tasks Visibility

Completed task lists will now show on by default in all views, including when sharing your task boards using public share links.

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • Changed subtask click mechanics: single click opens the subtask, double click renames the subtask.
  • Publicly shared task boards will now included completed tasks.
  • Creating tasks using keyboard shortcuts will default to the project when accessed from specific projects.
  • Miscellaneous performance and bug fixes.
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