Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

June 9, 2022




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Sync your calendars two-way to easily keep track of your tasks, timelines, and events from both Nifty and within Outlook & Google. 🔥

With this powerful integration, you can:

  • Create and assign Tasks in Nifty to have them appear in your Google & Outlook Calendar(s)
  • Create Events in your Google & Outlook Calendar(s) and have them appear in your Nifty Calendar
  • Keep track of changes to task names, descriptions, start dates, and due dates

Learn more about connecting Google Calendar 👈

Learn more about connecting Outlook Calendar 👈


Additional Updates:

  • Emails forwarded to your project email address will now create a task under the project owner if the sender-email is not recognized
  • Auto forwarding from Google to create new tasks is now supported
  • Upgraded Zapier to translate user IDs to actual user names for ease of use
  • Reminder and Creation dates are now available as columns to display in the list view to view all tasks that have their reminders enabled as well as to track their creation date
  • Fixed a bug where subtasks of archived tasks would show in the calendar view
  • Miscellaneous performance & bug fixes.


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