Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

June 27, 2022




This micro-but-meaningful update squashes a few bugs and makes Nifty even easier to navigate and use. 💪

Completed Personal Tasks in My Work

The Completed section of the Tasks tab in My Work will now include completed Personal tasks for more detailed overviews of your work.

User Tags in Workloads

User tags applied onto team members will now be included in the Workloads section to quickly search and navigate to members by their name or tags.

Go To Project from Tasks

Quickly navigate to a project from an open Task in Workloads and Calendar with the Go To Project found at the Task's header.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Messages hidden from Guests in a Discussion will now show the "hidden eye" icon for reference.
  • Column due date sort will now sort nearest dates to the top automatically. Sort by: Milestone in Kanban view will now reflect the order that your Milestones appear in your Roadmap.
  • Fixed an issue where recurring tasks in an archived project were appearing as Personal Tasks.
  • Fixed an issue where notifications were inaccurately marked as read.


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