Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

June 17, 2022




We're excited to announce the release of some powerful features that extend and enhance your workflow flexibility so you can let Nifty do more of the work for you. 🚀

Custom Task IDs

ProjectColor (1).jpg

Ever wished to rename the random task IDs set by Nifty? Well, you can now set your own custom task IDs by giving a pretty short name to your projects that are easy to remember and not so random. Learn more

Formula Fields

Formulas (1).jpg

Take your workflow to the next level by using custom formula fields. Easily make calculations between numeric, date, and time fields on tasks to automate the tedious work. Learn more

New Automations

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You can now create additional automation rules around tasks that are overdue and for tasks that have a reminder enabled to extend the flexibility of your workflow and keep things moving. Learn more

Default List View

Customize Columns (1).jpg

Looking to keep everyone aligned? Set default views for projects in List View of your tasks with custom fields, columns, and order to define what project members see when they visit their tasks. Learn more

Additional updates:

  • Assign custom colors to your projects for visual navigation

  • Pin default cover images for tasks in your Kanban boards

  • Custom date field has been added for custom fields with the ability to search, group, and filter tasks by such dates

  • Support for 10 additional currencies has been added to track budgets, costs, and rollups in native currencies

  • Miscellaneous performance & bug fixes


Got questions? Reach us at or tweet us @niftypm

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