Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

Jun 5, 2021





This update is aimed at facilitating communication on Nifty while crushing some bugs that were crawling around behind the scenes. 👨‍💻

User Tags

Apply metadata to Workspace Team Members and Guests by adding User Tags in their profile. Try tags such as a role (Designer, Account Manager), location (New York, Tokyo). Learn more about who can set them and view them here.

Chat and Comments Drafts

Content written but not sent in Direct Messages and Task Comments will be saved by Nifty, meaning you can return to your drafts without starting over! For chats, you will see a pencil icon indicating the draft message.

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • ​Fixed an issue regarding unlinking Slack from Nifty.
  • Web issue fixed that added markup on copy + paste.
  • "Remove dependency" tooltip now shows properly.
  • Improved performance and memory tweaks.
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