July 24th, 2020

We're excited to introduce more improvements to Nifty as well as some highly requested tweaks!

New! Subtask Due Dates

Reintroduced to Nifty by popular demand, Subtasks can now have their own due dates! These due dates serve to help you flexibly manage subtasks and do not interact with the task's deadline nor the Milestone that your task may be a part of.

Hidden Task List

You can now enhance your privacy controls by hiding entire Task Lists to mask the list and the tasks within them from the role(s) of your choosing.

Other Improvements

  • Recurring Milestones will now recur completed tasks as well. This update requires resetting current milestone recur config to include completed tasks.
  • The exit "X" button in Team Settings is now sticky for convenience.


  • Browser Push Notifications errors faced by some teams have now been resolved.
  • Task Tags will now duplicate with projects properly.
Got questions? Reach us at team@niftypm.com or tweet at us @niftypm

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