July 14th, 2020

Get ready for better automations with our improved Recurring Milestones and Tasks! 🚀

Recurring Milestones

Tasks tied to a milestone will now recur with the milestone to automate the recreation of sprints, content schedules, and other repetitive Milestones with all the attached tasks!

Recurring Milestone Task-Lists

Milestones that are task-list based will now duplicate both the milestone and the entire task-list with all the tasks for improved tracking of your source and recurring lists and tasks. Recurring lists and milestones will now have the new dates added in the bracket for easy tracking.

Dynamic Due Dates with Recurring Tasks

Recurring Tasks will now pick up the deadline of when the next version of that task is set to recur. For example, a task set to recur on Monday-Wednesday-Friday, will have the due date of the next recur on the source task.

Other Improvements

  • We have expanded our Comment notifications inside our notification dropdown to include all non-tagged comments in Tasks, Docs, and Files for improved tracking and redirection to the object.
  • Project Templates and Duplicates with disabled modules will no longer show those modules upon recreation

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