Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

July 11, 2022




Dive into all new ways to stay on top your workflow with list view for Workloads and the power of expanded personalization. 🎉

Introducing List View for Workloads

Workloads List.jpg

The all-new List view for Workloads will provide a comprehensive overview of members in a workspace and the tasks they have been assigned in a given period. List view additions include:

  • Viewing tasks grouped by members

  • Tracking open vs completed tasks of members

  • Reviewing time tracked by members in a given period

  • Sorting tasks by status, due date, and tags

  • Rescheduling, assigning, or moving tasks between members

Tip: Use the + button in list view to customize and sort the columns.

Custom Fields Mapping for CSV Imports

Looking to bring over custom data? Spreadsheet and CSV imports now support the ability to map your custom fields by allowing you to create those field types during the import and then mapping them for a seamless migration into Nifty.

24-Hour Time Format

Select your preferred time format in the profile settings to toggle between 12-hour and 24-hour format.

Miro Board Picker

Embedding your Miro boards into your Nifty projects just got a whole lot easier. Simply select your Miro boards in the embed screen for one-click embeds to start collaborating effortlessly.

Zapier v1.4.0

New Zapier release includes updates the option to select member names instead of user IDs as well as the ability to create public or private projects. Connect Nifty with over 5000 apps for custom workflows. Learn more

Additional updates:

  • Subtask tags will now be included in the My Work section.

  • Fixed a bug where removing custom fields from projects would also remove them from the workspace library.

  • Fixed a bug with opening files in the Files section of My Work.


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