Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

Jan 30, 2021





Our latest change log is focused on making Nifty more flexible, scalable, and feature rich for all of our customers. 🙌

Super Starter Plan

Our Starter Plan now offers unlimited Custom Fields, Time, and Budget tracking to help teams get started with a rich yet affordable feature set. Add-ons can be purchased to close the feature gap between our new Starter Plan and our Business Plan with Overview and Workloads add-on.

Improved Reports

Milestone and Task reports on the project level will now contain Story Points and Custom Fields so that they now convey the entire picture of your workflow.

Subtasks on Calendars

Personal and Project Calendars will now show subtasks with due dates to make managing every step of your task even easier.

Revised Recurring Tasks Logic

Recurring tasks will now be created as soon as existing tasks have been completed with dynamic due dates to allow you to see your scheduled tasks in your task board and calendar for improved oversight!

Additional Fixes and Improvements

  • Our Asana import now brings in more data with custom fields and tags
  • You can now create tasks in the "Untied" block of a Swimlane view
  • Added ability to close link previews in project discussions and messages
  • Fixed an issue with recurring tasks recurring sporadically
  • Fixed an issue with opening Direct Messages from Search
  • Fixed an issue with subtask comment notifications being marked as read when opening tasks
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