Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

Jan 24, 2022




The Nifty you love, just got even better. This update is all about improving collaboration, task management, and team alignment. ❤️

Threaded Chat Replies

Threads help you create organized discussions around specific messages. You can now respond to direct messages (& in group chats) to discuss a topic in more detail without adding clutter to your conversations.

Automated Progress Reporting V2

Take your workflow to the next level. Convert your existing task status lists to milestones and automate your progress reporting based on task completions. Align every stakeholder without unnecessary stand-ups!

Grouping Tasks in All Tasks & My Tasks

You can now group tasks by Assignees, Due Dates, Tags, and Milestones across All Tasks & My Tasks. Bring clarity and actionability to your task management.

Additional updates:

  • Unread notifications older than 60 days will automatically be marked as read to ensure system stability.

  • Nifty Chrome extension version 1.2 is now live.

  • Many performance and bug fixes with styling, pasting, and reliability of docs.


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