Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

Jan 11, 2021

We hear your feedback! This update focuses on improved planning, oversight, and management of your tasks within projects across Nifty. 🚀

Introducing Project Calendars

​ View all your project's open and completed tasks on the calendar to seamlessly track and manage your work without missing any deadlines! Additionally, you can view all unscheduled tasks to easily drag them onto your calendar and bring order to your projects.

Note: The calendar view is found in the header of your taskboard as an additional view.

Untied Tasks in Swimlane View

You can now view tasks that are not tied to any milestones in your Swimlane view to easily create, drag, and connect these tasks to your existing milestones and continue to automate your milestone progress based on the completion of the tasks!

Better Task Organization in Milestones

Milestone Modals will now have menu tabs for open and completed tasks so you can easily keep track of what's open and what's completed within your milestones for improved oversight.

Improved Notifications

We have added additional push notifications for comments in tasks, docs, and files so you never miss a beat on your work!

Additional Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved copy/pasting styles from other sources into Nifty Docs
  • Improved navigation for Workloads with arrows to Show older and newer tasks outside of the default 7 day range
  • Fixed an issue with sometimes blank PDF exports from Nifty Docs
  • Fixed an issue where updating start date of the week didn't reflect correctly in My Tasks
  • Fixed a bug where creating documents from project discussions gave an error sometimes
  • Fixed an issue with uploading files from shared Google drive would get stuck sometimes
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