Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

Feb 9th, 2022




This update is all about keeping your work in one place. Time is money, and spending more time using more tools is even more money. Let's dive in! 💪

Introducing .CSV & Excel Imports

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Pick up right where you left, without missing a beat. You can now bring your work from anywhere with our easy to use CSV & Excel imports. Learn more

Harvest Integration

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Easily track your team's time spent across Nifty tasks, while managing invoicing and expense tracking directly in Harvest. All without having your team leave Nifty. Learn more

Additional updates:

  • Custom tags will now be included in your .csv exports.
  • Milestones now have a hover menu for quick actions.
  • Archived milestones no longer untie tasks from them to keep your progress intact.
  • Fixed an issue with clicking on unread messages banner that would scroll up to past messages.
  • Fixed an issue with user names missing in task activity stamps for start and end date changes.
  • Miscellaneous performance and interface improvements.


Got questions? Reach us at or tweet at us @niftypm

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