Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

Feb 7, 2021





Collapse, rearrange, input, and remove information from Nifty with increased ease and flexibility following this update! 🔥

Collapsable Milestones in Swimlane View

Milestones in Swimlane View can now be collapsed to make viewing your entire roadmap and moving tasks across phases even easier.

Flexible Task Order in Milestone Modals

Tasks will present by input order within a Milestone and will only be overridden based on the due date of the tasks.

Improved Message Notifications

Visiting the Home module of a project will no longer clear Discussion notifications by default. Notifications will be cleared by clicking on the Discussion widget on Home or visiting the Discussion module.

Additional Improvements and Fixes

  • Removing members from the Workspace will now remove their chats and assignments from Tasks & Lists.
  • Fixed an error where read receipts would mistakenly indicate members of a project who never had access to the data.
  • Fixed copy paste issues with our Doc tables.
  • Swimlane View now shows completed tasks within the Completed List.
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