Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

Feb 17th, 2022




Expand your wings and spend time where it matters. This update is all about making Nifty more powerful and helping you be even more efficient. 🔥

Quick Actions

Creating projects, tasks, docs, or personal notes are now just a click away. Our all new Create button will replace our Add a task button to give you quicker access.

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Floating Tasks

Juggling multiple tasks? Simply hit the minimize icon in your task window to float the task in your Spotlight navigation bar so you can open it later from anywhere inside your workspace.

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Linking Tasks Together

Empower cross-project collaboration with our task linking feature. Connect a task to one or multiple other tasks for seamless information sharing.

Enhanced Subtasks

Subtasks will now support custom tags and will have a dedicated description field, similar to tasks. Additionally, subtasks assigned to members will now reflect in their Workloads.

Customizing Project Home

Project members and activity have been widgetized so you can toggle them on/off. Project admins can now set customized views as default for other project members.

Moving Milestones & Docs Across Projects

Ready to ship your work? You can now move entire milestones with tasks and docs from one project to another to make handing off deliverables between teams super easy.

New Languages Supported

Nifty is spreading its wings globally. Additionally supported languages now include Chinese, Italian, and Russian.

Additional updates:

  • Double clicking on task status will now allow renaming of the status.
  • Text with over 100 characters when turned to tasks will default to task description for better context.
  • Chats with removed members will no longer show in the team chat widget but can be referenced using search.
  • Fixed an issue with tasks show the wrong start/end times in calendar when already marked as completed
  • Fixed an issue with editing folders in Safari browser
  • Fixed an issue with mentions in docs comments not always sending a notification.
  • Miscellaneous performance and interface improvements.


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