Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

Dec 7, 2020

This update emphasizes some housekeeping items that help keep your day-to-day as productive as can be! 💪

Milestone Start Day Adjustment

A popup will now appear when a task is given a start date before its milestone's start date asking if you'd like to adjust the milestone start date accordingly. This functionality was already in place for end dates.

Portfolio Notification

Portfolio titles will now become orange when a project within them have an outstanding notification, making project updates easy to find even when Portfolios are collapsed.

Additional Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Guest Email addresses are now hidden in the project level and can be found in Workspace Settings under Manage Guests by team owners and admins.
  • The Workloads date filter has been relocated to the header and allows for customized report downloads based on custom date ranges.
  • Completed tasks can now be seen in Swimlane view under the Completed list to make it easy to visualize and pilot completed work by milestones.
  • Custom field columns in My Tasks, All Tasks, and a project's task board view are now sortable.
  • Fixed a bug with + button in Nifty docs not working.
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