Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

August 12, 2022




This update is all about helping you work smarter in as few clicks as possible and with easy access to all of your data. 🚀

Introducing Favorites

The all-new Favorites section in your sidebar will enable you add anything as a bookmark so you can get to your most visited screens with the click of a button. Favorites will allow you to bookmark the following:

  • Project modules like dashboard, roadmaps, tasks, and discussions

  • Complete doc and file folders

  • Individual docs and files

  • Custom third-party embedded apps

Tip: Simply find the favorite icon in the header of your object to add or remove it from your favorites. Additionally, you can manually sort your favorites and even rename them. Learn more

Custom Task Views

Need to build custom views for your task boards? You can now preserve your configured views for different reporting and use cases for easy access and even default them for members in the workspace. Learn more

Auto-Save Task Views

Find yourself filtering, grouping, and customizing your task boards often? You no longer need to worry about saving them as we will now auto-save them across My Tasks, All Tasks, and Project Tasks.

Additional updates:

  • Portfolios, Favorites, and even Direct Messages can now be collapsed altogether to help you work off of Favorites alone

  • Subtasks created using automations will no longer include default due dates

  • Duplicating project docs will now include all sub-pages as part of the document

  • Duplicating tasks will include both task and subtask descriptions

  • Miscellaneous performance and bug fixes


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