Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

April 1st, 2022




This Nifty update is all about removing work and adding flow to your day-to-day workflow with a focus on actionability and new ways to automate Nifty. Let's dive right in! ⚡️

Introducing Auto-Mode in Roadmap

Remove manual work from building and managing your roadmaps with the all new auto-milestones mode. Auto-mode will simplify project roadmap management by automatically adjusting milestone date ranges in accordance with the start and end dates of tasks within them.

Auto-Mode will even help you bulk update milestone and task dependency deadlines when there is a shift in project timelines.

👉 If you're looking for a way to automate the creation and management of your Roadmap, be sure to check out our Auto-Mode Help Guide.

Zoom-to-Fit Roadmap Views

Use our all new Zoom-to-Fit function across Roadmaps and Timeline views for a full-picture overview on your tasks and milestones.

Filter & Group Tasks by Custom Fields

Easily filter and group your tasks by custom field drop-downs to drill down and see the information you need.

Performance Improvements

Nifty just got a whole lot faster! We have made significant performance improvements across the Nifty app to make switching between views and projects a breeze.

Additional Updates:

  • Project Home is now referred to as Dashboard, and the Milestones screen is now referred to as Roadmap. Milestones still exist within the Roadmap.
  • Improved search experience to allow you to quickly filter through different projects when searching.
  • Fixed a bug with time stamps not showing correct total for individual members in their profile.
  • Fixed an issue with Story points showing incorrectly in Workloads. They are now based on Open and Completed tasks filtered by their date ranges.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


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