Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

Apr 8, 2021





The Nifty you know and love got some cosmetic and functional enhancements to make your everyday workflow management much more enjoyable and actionable. ❤️

Updated My Tasks

My Tasks has been updated to improve organization and actionability. You can now access your Completed tasks as well as view your daily flyout Calendar. Be sure to integrate your Nifty with your Google Calendar to get your daily tasks and events side-by-side!

Additionally, you can now track time on tasks right from your My Tasks by hovering on your tasks and hitting the track button. Similarly, existing tasks with in progress tracking will allow you to continue tracking time without opening the tasks.

New Notification Sound

Nifty's got a new voice that has a little more pep and bubble to it! Let us know your thoughts on the new sound.

Hover Effects

Pieces of Nifty's interface, such column heads, table rows, and module icons, will now highlight on hover to make tracking your actions easier and exciting.

Task Lists Renamed

Task Lists are now referred to as "Statuses" and have a new icon to align with their predominant use case across our user-base. Don't worry if this this new term doesn't quite describe how you use Lists, as there's no functional change to the feature.

Got questions? Reach us at or tweet at us @niftypm

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