Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

Apr 1, 2021





Today's update is no April fool's joke as it tightens up Nifty's layout and performance, particularly around Tasks. 🚀

Task View Selector

Tasks Views are now a dropdown selector rather than the buttons across the top.

Improved Task Performance

We have improved performance across My Tasks, All Tasks, and Project Tasks for faster load times.

Improved Swimlane Drag-and-Drop

Drag and drop in Swimlane View now allows you to place the task in the specific task order of your choosing

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with milestone task lists not showing in task reports.
  • Fixed missing file names during import.
  • Fixed doc search error.
  • Fixed Google Docs sometimes not opening via notification tray.
  • Fixed copy paste issue between Nifty docs across projects.
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