Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

Sep 15, 2021





Nifty expands the power of integrations with our Webex video experience as well as an in-app Zapier App Directory. ⚑

Webex Meetings

Similar to our native Zoom integration, teams can now launch Webex video calls as an alternative to bring conversations face to face. This marks the introduction of our partnership with WebEx with more to come!

Zapier App Directory

Zapier's massive array of potential integrations can now be found within Nifty via the Zapier Directory. You no longer need to leave Nifty to browse, create, and implement automated Zaps with over 3k apps within your Workspace!

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue regarding time zones as it pertains to Missed Messages emails
  • Fixed a permissions error issue when downloading Workloads reports
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Sep 8, 2021





Nifty collaboration now extends to email and Nifty Docs get taken to another level with the ability to model them into a knowledge hub. πŸ“–πŸ’‘

Wiki Style Docs

With doc pages you can create deeper linked documents o emphasize a knowledge base layout while making individual Docs easier to access. Bring more clarity and organization to your documentation!

Sending Messages via Emails

Messages within Nifty projects, tasks, and direct messaging can now be emailed directly to members of your workspace! This is a great way to send reminder of conversations from inside of Nifty to those outside of it.

Doc creation from Task Comments

You can now create a Document from a Task's Comment section (similar to how Docs from Discussions work currently). Documents created in the Task Comments will automatically attach to the Task.

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with GDrive and Docs import not appearing on the Desktop apps.
  • Disabling and enabling integrations on Desktop apps will no longer require you to reboot the app.
  • A popup will now appear prompting you to create a Status if a Milestone is created with no active Statuses.
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Aug 25, 2021





Dive into all new ways to streamline your workflow with our Custom Roles, Away Mode, and a refreshed All Tasks (with a mobile update to boot!). πŸš€

Custom Roles

Create Custom Roles to dial in fine-tuned permissions based around your exact workflow requirements. Manage work, your way! Learn more

Manual Away Status

Take control of when you're suggesting your availability by overriding your Online / Away Statuses from your profile settings (top right corner in the header).

Refreshed All Tasks

The Configure button has been reimagined as a sidebar to allow for a seamless project configuration experience.

Mobile Update

A slew of fixes and improvements for mobile make displaying 24h time, sharing doc links, and navigating Kanban collapse icons even easier.

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • Users will now be asked if they wish to complete open subtasks when completing the corresponding task
  • Added support for exporting docs with foreign language characters
  • Fixed an issue where Dark Mode was not properly triggering
  • Fixed an issue regarding saving Templates and Duplicating Projects
  • Fixed an issue with exporting documents not exporting the correct doc titles
  • Hidden tasks now remain hidden when moved into non-hidden Statuses
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Aug 12, 2021





Nifty received an ergonomic improvement with this update which makes controlling various features within the interface more graceful. πŸŽ‰

Drag and Drop Tasks in Gantt Views

Tasks can now be elongated, compressed, and relocated via drag and drop in Milestone (when the Milestone is expanded) and Workloads views for improved control.

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Milestone dates were adjusting despite tasks remaining within the milestone range.
  • Fixed an issue where the design would break due to a Milestone Dependency
  • Fixed a visual bug in Workloads.
  • Story Points for Archived Tasks no longer factor into Workloads.
  • Subtasks are now visible and open from your My Tasks view.
  • Organizational sections of My and All Tasks are now easier to collapse and expand.
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Jul 20, 2021





Microsoft users rejoice! Our Microsoft suite has been rolled out complete with Microsoft SSO, Outlook, Office365, and OneDrive integrations. πŸš€

Microsoft SSO

Business and Enterprise plans have access to our Microsoft SSO for a secure, standardized onboarding. The Workspace Owner can force this SSO in the Security section of Workspace Settings.

Outlook Integration

Our one-way Outlook sync will bring your Outlook calendar events into the My Calendar section of the Calendar tool found towards the top left of the sidebar.

Office365 Integration

Import synced documents from your cloud Office365 suite to ensure documentation within Nifty is up to date with any and all changes made on the O365 side.

OneDrive Integration

You can now access your OneDrive throughout Nifty to import select files from the cloud storage into your Nifty Workspace.

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • A single Google or Microsoft account can now be integrated with multiple workspaces
  • User Avatars can now be updated on mobile
  • Tags can be properly accessed on Mobile
  • Fixed an issue where emails were overriding Notification Preferences
  • Fixed an issue where archived and projects continued to provide email updates
  • Fixed an issue where Workloads would key in on incorrect "Today" date
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Jun 24, 2021





Nifty is putting more control into your own hands when it comes to security and resource control with this update. πŸ™Œ

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

All of our plans now have access to Two Factor Authentication which adds more security to your account by involving your mobile device in the log in process.

We recommend that you take advantage of this additional security layer to make sure that your account is as secure as can be. It's quick and simple! Follow these directions to set up 2FA on your account.

User Tag Filter in Workloads

Filter the members of your organization by User Tags in Workloads to quickly sift through different internal roles, teams, employee locations, and more! Bring additional context to your resource analysis by focusing on relevant clusters of teammates.

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • ​Revised Guest permissions so that they are no longer permitted to delete tasks that they did not create.
  • Our search loads quicker and no longer reveals blank bars. Fixed a bug where Files would hide from search.
  • Improved notification latency to narrow the gap between the trigger and receiving the update.
  • Fixed a bug where copy / pasting would add div tags to text sometimes.
  • Improved performance and memory tweaks.
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Jun 5, 2021





This update is aimed at facilitating communication on Nifty while crushing some bugs that were crawling around behind the scenes. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

User Tags

Apply metadata to Workspace Team Members and Guests by adding User Tags in their profile. Try tags such as a role (Designer, Account Manager), location (New York, Tokyo). Learn more about who can set them and view them here.

Chat and Comments Drafts

Content written but not sent in Direct Messages and Task Comments will be saved by Nifty, meaning you can return to your drafts without starting over! For chats, you will see a pencil icon indicating the draft message.

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • ​Fixed an issue regarding unlinking Slack from Nifty.
  • Web issue fixed that added markup on copy + paste.
  • "Remove dependency" tooltip now shows properly.
  • Improved performance and memory tweaks.
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May 17, 2021





This update brings an updated User Profile screen while squashing some bugs in the process. ⚑️

Updated User Profile

The new User Profile better organizes tasks, improves filtering, and adds project and workspace access controls.

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • Task due dates will now adjust appropriately when their corresponding milestones are extended from My and All Tasks.
  • Issues with GitHub connectivity in Project Settings have been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where users received unread messages email notifications despite disabled channels.
  • Fixed socket issues not relaying data in real time such as recurring task assignments and project avatars upon Portfolio change.
  • Google integration sync now reflects in real time post integration.
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May 6, 2021





This update is intended to improve the experience and performance of Nifty to help you work smarter, not harder. πŸ’ͺ

Enhanced Notification Management

Our new notifications tray allows you to easily sift through updates by filtering for tasks that are assigned to you, comments where you're specifically mentioned, and docs that are shared with you. Additionally, you can mark notifications as unread to come back to them later.

Multi-Workspace Sign In

If you are part of more than one team with different email accounts, you can now bring them under the same roof with our multi-workspace connectivity. Easily join other groups and manage your work more efficiently.

Creating Tasks from Chats

You can now hover over a message in your direct messages widget and easily turn your 1-1 or group conversations into actionable tasks.

Improved Messaging

We've completely refactored our keyboard input across discussions, chats, and comments to help bring down the latency of typing messages to zero.

Performance Optimizations

We've made major under-the-hood changes on how Nifty works so we can continue to scale reliably. Additionally, the movement of real-time data built on a technology called "sockets" has been upgraded, so users who were facing delays in messages and updates should now see them appear promptly.

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • Project Duplication will now also include custom fields in Milestones.
  • Collapsing or expanding your calendar in My Tasks will now save your preference.
  • Fixed an issue where Recurring Tasks would create duplicates of a task upon recurring.
  • Fixed an error where users would receive notifications on tasks from which they are unsubscribed.
  • Fixed an issue where pasting would not properly insert content in Nifty Docs.
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Apr 8, 2021





The Nifty you know and love got some cosmetic and functional enhancements to make your everyday workflow management much more enjoyable and actionable. ❀️

Updated My Tasks

My Tasks has been updated to improve organization and actionability. You can now access your Completed tasks as well as view your daily flyout Calendar. Be sure to integrate your Nifty with your Google Calendar to get your daily tasks and events side-by-side!

Additionally, you can now track time on tasks right from your My Tasks by hovering on your tasks and hitting the track button. Similarly, existing tasks with in progress tracking will allow you to continue tracking time without opening the tasks.

New Notification Sound

Nifty's got a new voice that has a little more pep and bubble to it! Let us know your thoughts on the new sound.

Hover Effects

Pieces of Nifty's interface, such column heads, table rows, and module icons, will now highlight on hover to make tracking your actions easier and exciting.

Task Lists Renamed

Task Lists are now referred to as "Statuses" and have a new icon to align with their predominant use case across our user-base. Don't worry if this this new term doesn't quite describe how you use Lists, as there's no functional change to the feature.

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