June 14, 2019

Prepare yourselves for the most Niftiest of updates...

Time Tracking

It has been a few months in the making, but we're very excited to announce that Time Tracking is finally here.

You are able to track and log time spent on a task, as well as reference the time logged on a task by hovering over any of the contributors of that task. You will then see the option to "See full time log".

You can also access your team members' time logs across the projects you're a part of through your Team Overview screen.

Time Tracking is available on Premium or Enterprise Plans.

Google SSO (Single Sign-On)

We have implemented Google SSO for the convenience of streamlined access and improved security.

Requiring Google SSO for your team

Account Owners will also have the option to enforce Google SSO Authorization for the team from their Team Settings.

Hiding Tasks and Milestones from Guests/Clients

You are now able to hide selected tasks or milestones from your Guests/Clients. Simply open up a task or milestone and you will see a checkbox option to hide/unhide.

Updates to Plans

  • Our new Premium Plan has been launched along with the release of the above new features. It is priced at $15/month or $12/month (annual) per user and includes Advanced Features. For the full breakdown, check out our new pricing page. https://niftypm.com/pricing
  • Guest/Client roles is no longer available in the Basic Plan. (Note: This applies to new accounts. All current accounts will retain their existing Guests, but will not be able to invite new Guests.)

June 7, 2019

Mobile Updates

As we continue to build and expand on updates from user feedback, we've noticed that our mobile apps have fallen behind, but we definitely haven't forgot about it.

The following updates significantly improves how our users will navigate and manage their projects on the go!

  • Updated "My Tasks" to organize tasks by projects synced with Web.
  • Updated Tasks interface to provide a more native user experience.
  • File sharing added to Files. You can now share files directly into other projects and team/group chats.
  • Added support for audio/video files
  • Color theme updates to be in sync with the recent web enhancements
  • Improved delivery method for mobile notifications
  • UX/UI and performance updates across the app

April 4, 2019

We have deployed two big updates today, native Google Docs integration and Task Labels along with general updates to improve your daily workflow with Nifty! Check it out!

New Updates

  • Native Google Docs Integration - Start creating Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations directly inside Nifty! Now by connecting your Google Docs with Nifty, you are able to create Google doc files all within Nifty! These files will not only be stored within your projects on Nifty, but will also be saved on your Google Drive account.

  • Task Labels (Tags) - You will now be able to create and assign custom labels (Tags) to your tasks. Apply a color background as well to quickly identify tagged tasks that are relevant. We have also added the ability to filter by these custom tags as well.

    Note: The create Tag button is positioned on the right side inside your task window.

Additional Updates

  • Transferable Tasks - Have tasks that need to be funneled between different projects or teams? With this update, all tasks will now be able to be moved or copied across projects within the same team to reduce any redundancy.

  • Shareable Files - Sharing files across projects or with team members made easy! Wherever the file is, whether it's in a project discussion, tasks, files or in team chat; this new function allows you to copy files quickly.

March 18, 2019

Hey there, it's been awhile since we shared an update here, but we haven't been idle. We have some big exciting updates coming soon, so stay tuned!

As we prepare for our next big update, you might've noticed some subtle updates to your Nifty experience. If you didn't, here's what has been improved,


  • Refreshed Light Theme - Behold, the refreshed Light theme, bright and cheery just in time for spring! You can toggle between our Dark and Light themes in your Settings dropdown menu.

Nifty Docs

  • Improved Project Navigation - Revised project navigation to emphasize a project's modules across the top of your screen (similar to how we've had in in the collapsed sidebar view). We've also added project members with their avatars with a quick invite button for additional members into projects to enhance collaboration.

  • Improved Task Navigation - Added Subtask, Files, and Comments menu items that allow you to quickly navigate to a relevant part of a task.


As we continue to polish Nifty with updates, we've had some debates about the direction of our project menu.

Some of us think project menus (the discussions, roadmap, tasks, docs, and files within a project) should remain in the sidebar while others feel it should be shown across the top of a project.

What do you think? Let us know on twitter @niftypm.

Big updates are on the way!

January 21, 2019

UI Update

As you may have noticed, the Dashboard sidebar background color has become darker. :) Our reasoning behind this change is that we always wanted there to be a clearer contrast separating the sidebar from the project data. We believe this is a good step in the right direction and we'd love to know what you think. Love it?

Let us know by messaging us directly or tweet us @niftypm.

New Update

Along with the above UI update, we have added a My Tasks button to the sidebar. Quickly view and manage all of your assigned tasks across all your projects from a single screen without having to jump between them.

We have more cool updates in store for the My Tasks screen so stay tuned! We are constantly thinking of ways to make your workflow more efficient!


  • Changed the Search, Notifications and Invite buttons into icons.
  • Updated a few existing icons to be more relevant.
  • Under-the-hood performance and bug fixes.

January 3, 2019

Happy New Year everybody! With the New Year, comes more awesome updates!


  • Threaded Messages have been added to your Project Discussion channels. Reply back to specific messages by hovering over the line and clicking the chat icon to the right. Open up past threads by clicking on the "Replies" underneath.
  • Assign your sub-tasks! Assign individual sub-tasks to multiple team members for more detailed and accurate planning.


  • Discussion channels are now displayed in your main sidebar for better visibility and easier navigation between your project discussions.
  • Updated global search to include all discussion messaging and to anchor to searched text.
  • Optimized Project Imports to run in the background and also added checks for project invite emails.

December 16, 2018


  • Detailed View for Nifty Roadmap - Initially, the detailed view for project milestones was only viewable from your Project Overview page, but we have added it to Roadmap for better ease of use. Now you will be able to switch between the detailed and milestone views directly from inside your projects.
  • Trash Icon for custom project templates - Remove outdated or unnecessary custom templates directly from the template selection page.
  • Improved UI for milestone dependency arrows - Refactored how the arrows for milestone dependencies are displayed. Certain use cases would cause issues and arrows would not point to where it was intended.
  • Updates for Discussion and Team Chat Messages - In-line message notifications have been updated to show when messages have been edited or deleted.
  • Saving your last session - The next time you log on, you will be brought directly to the last page you were on.

Decemeber 10, 2018


  • Project Templates - Every team's workflow is different, which is why you will now be able to save existing projects as templates for future ones. Copy over your task lists and milestone structure for faster implementations for new projects! You can also choose from five pre-built templates: Design, Marketing, Agile Development, Scrum Development, and Product to get a head start on setting up.

Have feedback on these templates or ideas for future ones? Let us know!

  • Milestone Dependencies - Not sure if you can start on the next milestone? No worries, we have added the ability to make milestones more actionable. By making one milestone dependent on another, all tasks assigned to the dependent milestone will be locked out until all tasks within the initial milestone are marked complete by the team.

Click here to learn more!

  • Invite Links for Teams - We've added Invitation links to your team settings page for quick onboarding of your team. Simply click "Generate Link" for Team Members/Admins and share the link with them!

November 27, 2018

We've revamped our collaborative docs tool to facilitate better collaboration and organization! Additionally, we've added some other features and made some tweaks to improve your daily use!


  • Doc Tables, Code snippets, and Exporting! Bring order to your information with our customized tables in Docs. Inserting tables is as simple as clicking a button! Docs now are able to preserve code snippets and keep your code intact as well as the ability to Export/Download your Documents as a PDF or Word file!

  • Project Duplication: Jump start new projects by duplicating current ones! The new duplicate project function allows you to make an identical copy of any active project so you don't have to repeat any steps and re-invite members for new projects.


  • Improved Task Usability Now you don't have to click into a task to assign a user, tie to a milestone, set a deadline or archive. Hover over any task and you'll notice a quick action menu appear at the top right of the task.

  • We have added a Description field to Milestones for better context and transparency across your teams. It's always better when everyone is on the same page. ‚Äč

  • As our Nifty community continues to grow, naturally our infrastructure needed to scale with the growth and we have made big performance updates to make load times much quicker. This is something we will continuously work on to make your Nifty experience as smooth as possible!

October 24, 2018


  • Complete your tasks with a quick click of a button! Upon opening a task, you will notice a "Checkmark" in the Task action menu. Simply click that on any open task and it will automatically be sent to your Completed task list. If you'd like to change your default Completed task list, you can change that by clicking the lightning button next to Filter Tasks.

  • You can also quickly move tasks to different task lists as well! Next to the Complete button, you will see the "Move" button. Simply click Move and select the task list you want to move this task into. Ta-da!

  • We have made new integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox! Quickly upload files from your Gdrive/Dropbox folders into Nifty in Discussions, Team Chat, Tasks and Files. (Export to Gdrive and Dropbox coming soon!)


  • We've made a big adjustment to how we display milestone progression in Roadmap! Milestone progression will now be based on tasks (tied to milestones) that are completed rather than by date. For example: If the end date for a milestone is past-due, but there is still a task pending, the milestone will be shown in red to reflect 'Overdue'.


  • Squashed bugs that were causing issues with loading Docs.
  • Fixed an issue where file previews would sometimes not close.

Coming soon!

  • Integrations with more of your favorite apps

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