October 16, 2018


  • Introducing our free, forever plan. We've received a lot of requests from many of you who are freelancers or part of smaller teams who wished to continue using Nifty while their team is still in the process of expansion. The Free Plan is free forever and you are able to have up to 3 team members, 2 active projects and unlimited guests! Sign up now! https://niftypm.com/pricing.

  • Bringing Nifty to Desktops! We've made significant updates to our desktop apps and they are now available for direct download. Check out our apps page for download options. https://niftypm.com/apps


  • Moving towards a Widget based chat. Direct team messaging has been updated to make it easier to multi-task on Nifty. With the updated Chat widget, you can work within discussions, tasks and docs all while discussing it with your team members without having to switch between windows/tabs.

  • We have enabled previews for videos, audio and pdf files. No longer are you required to download these files just to see what's inside. Watch or review these files instantly!

  • Improved UI of Tasks screen for better distinction of individual tasks and task lists. Also added task counts in the header of individual task lists.

Coming soon!

  • Improved task statuses and automation.
  • Integrations with more of your favorite apps

October 4, 2018


Import your projects from Asana, Basecamp and Trello! Bring in all your projects, team members, tasks, files & more within a few minutes!

Check out our guides in our Help Center to learn more. Alternatively, if you need any help with the transition, schedule a personal demo with us here.


  • We have replaced full window chats and refactored the UI to have the Team Chat in your sidebar work in sync with the Team Chat widget. The main reason behind this small change is so that our users can chat with their team members while working on something else on Nifty at the same time.
  • Added progress loaders for Import Tasks and Projects. They also run in the background so users can continue on their work while the import is in progress.
  • Optimized main search for quicker results and included discussion messages and users into the query.


  • Fixed issues with File Previews not loading consistently.
  • Fixed a bug where you would be unable to tag users when editing text.
  • Fixed a bug when re-sending invites to users who were removed from a team.

August 31, 2018

Projects & Team Overview

We're excited to announce the release of our two most requested features – Projects & Team Member Overview. This update will give you a bird's eye view on all of your projects and provide insights on your teammates' workloads and activity across projects.

Nifty Projects Overview:

Milestones across all projects in one view for complete operational oversight! Nifty Docs

Detailed Project-View:

Milestones broken down by tasks to make objectives crystal clear! Nifty Docs

Team Overview:

Team Member updates and task loads answer the question of who's working on what! Nifty Docs

Member Overview:

An in-depth look at a teammates overall workload and activity across projects! Nifty Docs

August 16, 2018


  • Nifty has integrated with Giphy! Enjoy your conversations with your favorite gifs within Discussions and Team Chats!


  • We have made updates to side scrolling within Tasks. Previously, it was a bit difficult to move tasks from one list to another if there were 5+ active Task Lists, but now you are able to move tasks around freely.
  • Slightly reduced the width of Tasks Lists by about 10% for a better experience.
  • Continued improvements for better performance and server stability.


  • Fixed a bug where drag and drop file uploads within a Task would duplicate the file.
  • Fixed a bug where Admins could not update a Team Members role.

July 31, 2018

Hey guys, we haven't been posting changelogs as often recently with new features because we are focused on making Nifty bug-free and perform like a rockstar. Stay tuned though as we are working on some really cool updates for Tasks and Roadmap.


  • You can now easily transition your tasks from Trello by clicking the "Import from Trello" button in Nifty Tasks!
  • Continued improvements for better performance and server stability.


  • Squashing bugs left and right.
  • Fixed a bug with invitation emails where sometimes the user would be directed to an error.

July 3, 2018

Introducing Nifty 2.0! You asked, we listened!

This is our biggest and boldest update so far! As usual, we've received a lot of great feedback and suggestions from all of you that made us take a step back and reflect on our current layout. From your feedback we came to realize a major pain point; transitioning between projects needs to be more seamless and the ability to get into any part of any project within the click of a button.

So after countless iterations and some bold decisions, we've come up with the following: Nifty Docs

  • What you'll notice immediately is how we consolidated Projects, Team Chat and some Settings into the fly-out sidebar menu(left) to address the above. Whether you're in Tasks, Milestone or an individual file, you can easily access another project via our new menu.

  • Although Team Chat was moved into the sidebar, you can bring it out as a widget(like before) by clicking the "Turn into a widget" icon.

  • The old Dashboard has been renamed to "Overview" at the top of our new menu for users who still prefer this layout. We are still looking into better ways to show important data such as Milestones within our new menu.

We hope with this redesign, we start breaking down the barrier between project management and team communication in a way that feels intuitive and obvious. So be sure to let us know your thoughts!!

June 5, 2018


  • Today we have deployed a big optimization update of our entire codebase and backend architecture to significantly improve slow load times and overall stability across our mobile and web platforms. Nifty should be performing much faster now and have significantly less issues caused by slow load times.
  • We have implemented a progress bar when uploading and downloading images/files. 🤘
  • Viewing a file/image preview from Discussions, Tasks, Team Chat and Comments no longer makes you reload the page when you return to the previous page.
  • Document preview has been added for Docs so you can see a little more of your documents when viewing them in a list.


  • Fixed a bug where Tasks assigned to Milestones would sometimes not display the Milestone name in Task window.
  • Team members are now allowed to create/edit Milestones. Deleting a Milestone can only be done by a Team owner/admin.
  • Fixed a bug in Docs where copy pasting text would not save the doc.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow an image to be added to a Doc.
  • Fixed a bug where "Edit Members" in a project would result in a crash.

May 31, 2018

New Features

  • We have added an event log for all tasks in the bottom right of your task window. You will be able to see every and all activity associated with each individual task!
  • You will now be able to create tasks directly from Discussions. Simply hover over the message line that you would like to make a task and click the "Create task" icon to the right.


  • A "Copy Link" button has been added to all tasks so you can easily copy and share tasks with your team members.
  • Discussions now support .gif previews. Send your team members a .gif file through Discussions and check it out!


  • Fixed a bug where pasting a large amount of text(400+ characters) would break the task window.
  • Overall web socket updates for better view of updates and notifications.
  • Under-the-hood fixes for better overall app performance.

May 24, 2018


  • You will now able to upload files into team chat up to 25MB. *These files are not saved into any folders under your project(s).
  • Online/Offline status in team chat should be more accurate now. We are working to make it recognize the status of your team members whether they are on desktop or on mobile.
  • Many UX/UI improvements to Kanban Task View for overall better performance and experience.


  • Fixed a bug when commenting on docs, sometimes the comment window would not open properly.
  • Fixed an issue where loading a discussion would sometimes result in an infinite load bug.

May 14, 2018


  • A Daily Digest Email has been created for all notifications you might’ve missed or are marked unread such as new tasks, docs and many more updates. We're just making sure you didn’t miss anything! 👊
  • The Help Center has been updated with more content and guides to answer any questions you might have while using Nifty.
  • Under-the-hood fixes for better overall site performance.
  • UI updates for better viewing on commenting for Tasks in Kanban view.
  • Too many old notifications piled up in your Dashboard overview? Don't worry, a "Clear" button has been added to the Global Notifications List in your Dashboard.


  • Fixed an issue with online/offline status in Team Chat.

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