Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

March 17, 2023




This update gives you and your team more control and actionability around predicting, enacting, and tracking your workflow progress. 💪

Dependency Unlock Notifications

Dependency notifications (1).jpg

You'll now be notified when Milestones and Tasks are unlocked so you can seamlessly continue your workflow. When assigned to a Task that is unlocked from a task dependency, the notification will lead you directly to the unlocked Task.

If an entire Milestone is unlocked from a Milestone dependency, the notification will lead you directly to the entire Milestone so you can see all of the unlocked tasks.

User Tags Filter in All Tasks

AllTags (1).jpg

You can now filter All Tasks by user tags to sharpen your reporting insights. User Tags are great for delineating someone's role or skillset within your organization, such as Content Writer, Account Specialist, Front-end Engineer, or more. You can now track the open Tasks of each of your User Tag segments in All Tasks.

Fractional Story Points

FractionalSP (1).jpg

A Story Point is a predictive measurement that indicates a day of work on a Task, and will visually have your Task represent a single-day duration in Workloads. But sometimes a task will only take half a day, or a couple of hours. Great news! You can now add decimals in Story points, meaning a .5 point Task will only take half a day's work.

PDF Go to Page

PDFPage (1).jpg

You're now able to input the exact page you'd like to jump to when reading through a PDF, so no more scrolling page-by-page to get to the exact spot you're looking for.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Your custom time filter in My Work will now be saved
  • Technological upgrades to our Overdue and Reminder infrastructure for consistent delivery and overall stability.
  • Fixed an issue with Bulk Deletion of Tasks
  • Fixed an issue with Milestones updating with Task extensions

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March 10, 2023




Take your workflow, team collaboration, and personal productivity to a whole another level with this exciting new update! 🚀


Nifty _ Integrately (1).jpg

Our Integrately connection is now live, giving you another avenue through which to connect nifty to other tools in your tech stack. Learn more

Subtask Checklists

Checklists (1).jpg

Subtasks can now have checklists within them. Checklists are a lightweight way to make sure every item in your process is accounted for. You can even include multiple checklist sections within a subtask. Learn more

Cross-Workspace Notifications

Sidebar notifications (1).jpg

You can now receive notifications across all of your workspaces as push or browser notifications. The Desktop app will show the notification count in other Workspaces in your Workspace sidebar.

Subtask IDs

Subtasks now have their own IDs (similar to Task IDs) which can be searched for or clicked on to be added to your clipboard and shared with others through Nifty messages.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Assigning someone to a subtask will no longer assign them to the parent task.
  • Subtask descriptions are now included in recurring tasks and task templates.
  • Custom fields have been moved up closer to your other task fields for better visibility and accessibility of your information.
  • Fixed an error with Task duplication.
  • Fixed an error with Milestones created from Templates.
  • Corrected an error in the Create a Task section of our API documentation .


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February 17, 2023




This update makes Nifty even easier to use, navigate, and collaborate for improved user experience. 🔥

New Dropdown Menu

Menu (1).jpg

Our new Dropdown menu tidy's up the menu options and gives direct access to the Template and App Centers while tucking additional Workspaces you might have access to in the dropdown selector at the top of the menu.

Full-Screen Direct Messages

FullChat (1).jpg

You can now expand Direct Messages into a fullscreen window to have focused conversations that warrant more space than the portable window.

Task Search Improvement

Tasks can now be searched by custom field data or their reference IDs to help you quickly find what you need.

Guest Visibility

You are now able to hide Guests from appearing to other Guests within project members bar at the top of a project. This feature is found in a Project's Settings.

Additional Fixes

  • Added a + Add Task / Status button at the top of Task Boards where you can choose to create tasks at the top or bottom of its status list.
  • Hovering over messages will now show the exact time stamp for when they were sent.
  • All Templates are migrated to new template system
  • Fixed an issue with message links in discussions not redirecting to the actual message.
  • Many bug fixes and overall performance improvements.


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February 10, 2023




This update is all about streamlining and templating your routine workflows so you can focus your time and energy on other things. ⚡

Introducing Nifty Template Center


Templates help cut down on duplication of effort and act as a springboard for new work. With Nifty's all-new template center you can now create projects, milestones, tasks, and even docs using templates rather than having to start from scratch every time.

Here are key features of Template Center:

  • Creating & managing project templates. Learn more

  • Creating & managing milestone, task, and doc templates. Learn more

  • Sharing & importing templates across workspaces. Learn more

Additional Updates

  • Calendar view can now be enabled as an optional project module.
  • Fixed an issue with unscheduled tasks not being drag-able in the calendar view.
  • Fixed an issue with subtasks not sorting into the Milestone of their parent task in All tasks.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.


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February 2, 2023




With new features on the way, the start of the new year has been focused on upgrading performance, squishing bugs, and updating our API. ⚡

Pabbly Integration

Nifty + Pabbly.jpeg

Our integration with Pabbly is now live! Create codeless integrations between your favorite apps and Nifty with this popular Zapier alternative. Get started on Pabbly.


Our API now supports webhooks to simplify the API management experience. You can review our API documentation through this link.


Under-the-hood performance and infrastructure upgrades to improve Nifty's speed and scalability.

Additional Updates

  • Fixed an issue with email forwarding creating multiple Tasks
  • Fixed an issue with templates not saving the full scope of Task data
  • Fixed an issue with automations not saving in templates
  • Fixed an issue with an resource error message sent in All Tasks and Calendar
  • Fixed an issue with the Rollup widget in Project Dashboards
  • Tightened the sync of notifications on mobile (more updates to come)


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November 18th, 2022




We built Nifty with the goal of consolidating your workflow into one single place. This update is all about making it even easier to consolidate and streamline your workflow. 🔥

Introducing Nifty Forms

FormsEmail (1).jpg

Create beautiful forms and capture the data you need right within your projects with our all-new Forms add-on. Form submissions can also generate Tasks, Discussion messages, or Nifty Docs when they're submitted to broaden your automation options. Learn more


Microsoft Teams, Skype & Google Meet

Nifty _ GMeet _ MSTeams.jpg

Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Google Meet now join Zoom and Webex as Workspace video call solutions that can be started in just one click via Nifty Project Discussions and Direct Messages.


Nifty API (Beta)

Nifty's BETA API is finally here and we'd love to see what you build with our API. Ready to give it a try? See our API documentation for details. Learn more


Additional Updates

  • You can now add company details in the Billing section of your workspace settings to export custom invoices.
  • Added ability to login into Zapier with Google and Microsoft SSO.
  • Fixed an error with duplicating Recurring Milestones and Tasks.
  • Fixed an issue with email formatting when forwarded to a Project.


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October 4th, 2022




This update is focused on giving you the control to optimize your Nifty layout and workflow while enhancing your reporting. 📈

Task View Reports


Generate visual dashboard-style reports in your Projects Tasks, My Work, and All Tasks based on your viewing filters with the click of a button. Change your viewing filters on your Task screen to customize the report data. Learn more

Compact View for Overview


The all-new Compact View option in Overview and Roadmap will display more projects, and Milestones so you can get a full on birds-eye view for your timelines. Learn more

Expanded Milestones


Additionally, you can now expand Milestones to further view the tied Tasks on their individual Gantt levels

Two-Way JIRA Integration

Nifty _ JIRA.jpg

Sync Task boards between Nifty and JIRA via Automations to reflect your devops workflow with Nifty roadmapping. Changes in Nifty can be seen in JIRA as well. Learn more

Remove Weekends

Hide or show weekends in your Project Roadmaps and Tasks on the calendar and remove them from your durations to improve focus! Learn more

Additional Updates

  • Starting or ending a Zoom meeting will no longer post the meeting id's in the chats to keep it clean.
  • Fixed an issue with unarchiving multiple tasks at once.
  • Fixed an issue with local time not showing correctly for team members.
  • Fixed various bugs and improved speed for annotations on files.
  • Miscellaneous performance and bug fixes


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August 12, 2022




This update is all about helping you work smarter in as few clicks as possible and with easy access to all of your data. 🚀

Introducing Favorites

The all-new Favorites section in your sidebar will enable you add anything as a bookmark so you can get to your most visited screens with the click of a button. Favorites will allow you to bookmark the following:

  • Project modules like dashboard, roadmaps, tasks, and discussions

  • Complete doc and file folders

  • Individual docs and files

  • Custom third-party embedded apps

Tip: Simply find the favorite icon in the header of your object to add or remove it from your favorites. Additionally, you can manually sort your favorites and even rename them. Learn more

Custom Task Views

Need to build custom views for your task boards? You can now preserve your configured views for different reporting and use cases for easy access and even default them for members in the workspace. Learn more

Auto-Save Task Views

Find yourself filtering, grouping, and customizing your task boards often? You no longer need to worry about saving them as we will now auto-save them across My Tasks, All Tasks, and Project Tasks.

Additional updates:

  • Portfolios, Favorites, and even Direct Messages can now be collapsed altogether to help you work off of Favorites alone

  • Subtasks created using automations will no longer include default due dates

  • Duplicating project docs will now include all sub-pages as part of the document

  • Duplicating tasks will include both task and subtask descriptions

  • Miscellaneous performance and bug fixes


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July 11, 2022




Dive into all new ways to stay on top your workflow with list view for Workloads and the power of expanded personalization. 🎉

Introducing List View for Workloads

Workloads List.jpg

The all-new List view for Workloads will provide a comprehensive overview of members in a workspace and the tasks they have been assigned in a given period. List view additions include:

  • Viewing tasks grouped by members

  • Tracking open vs completed tasks of members

  • Reviewing time tracked by members in a given period

  • Sorting tasks by status, due date, and tags

  • Rescheduling, assigning, or moving tasks between members

Tip: Use the + button in list view to customize and sort the columns.

Custom Fields Mapping for CSV Imports

Looking to bring over custom data? Spreadsheet and CSV imports now support the ability to map your custom fields by allowing you to create those field types during the import and then mapping them for a seamless migration into Nifty.

24-Hour Time Format

Select your preferred time format in the profile settings to toggle between 12-hour and 24-hour format.

Miro Board Picker

Embedding your Miro boards into your Nifty projects just got a whole lot easier. Simply select your Miro boards in the embed screen for one-click embeds to start collaborating effortlessly.

Zapier v1.4.0

New Zapier release includes updates the option to select member names instead of user IDs as well as the ability to create public or private projects. Connect Nifty with over 5000 apps for custom workflows. Learn more

Additional updates:

  • Subtask tags will now be included in the My Work section.

  • Fixed a bug where removing custom fields from projects would also remove them from the workspace library.

  • Fixed a bug with opening files in the Files section of My Work.


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June 27, 2022




This micro-but-meaningful update squashes a few bugs and makes Nifty even easier to navigate and use. 💪

Completed Personal Tasks in My Work

The Completed section of the Tasks tab in My Work will now include completed Personal tasks for more detailed overviews of your work.

User Tags in Workloads

User tags applied onto team members will now be included in the Workloads section to quickly search and navigate to members by their name or tags.

Go To Project from Tasks

Quickly navigate to a project from an open Task in Workloads and Calendar with the Go To Project found at the Task's header.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Messages hidden from Guests in a Discussion will now show the "hidden eye" icon for reference.
  • Column due date sort will now sort nearest dates to the top automatically. Sort by: Milestone in Kanban view will now reflect the order that your Milestones appear in your Roadmap.
  • Fixed an issue where recurring tasks in an archived project were appearing as Personal Tasks.
  • Fixed an issue where notifications were inaccurately marked as read.


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