Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

Nov 29, 2021




This update brings more power, flexibility, and automation to your Nifty workflows along with performance enhancements and bug fixes. 🚀

Automations V2

Nifty automations have received a UI facelift, but more importantly, you can now set multiple actions and versions of an automation within a project. Now every Status can add a tag, create or extend a deadline — without any limitations.

Manual Time Tracking

You can easily log manual time entries for tasks now by simply opening a task or project time logs and selecting Add Manual Time. These entries can then be found in the project time logs with manual timestamps.

Enhanced Project & Task Embeds

Embeds just got a whole lot easier to use; you're no longer require to remove the embed URL from the embed link! Now you can simply paste the embed code in its entirety and we'll take care of the rest.

Product Improvements & Bug Fixes:

  • Project templates & duplications will now have the option to include automations, custom project embeds, task embeds, and folders
  • @everyone and @here tags have been added as an option for @mentions
  • Year and Month now have a dropdown option added in our date picker
  • Users can now drag-scroll to navigate the Nifty interface horizontally
  • Project avatars can now be uploaded by simply clicking on the avatar in the project header
  • Imported projects are now Private by default
  • Group by: Milestones is disabled when the Milestones module is disabled
  • Fixed an issue with Document export to PDF

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Nov 16, 2021




We released more product tweaks throughout Nifty to tighten up the experience and usability, particularly around our new timeline view of tasks and desktop apps. ✨


  • Unread notification highlight color has been revised for improved contrast
  • HTML formatting is now preserved when pasted in Project Outline
  • D / W / M format selector is now available in Timeline View of Tasks
  • Tasks and Statuses can now be created in Timeline View


  • Fixed a UI issue when dragging tasks in Timeline View
  • Fixed an issue with transferring Portfolio Ownership

Windows & Mac Desktop Apps

  • We have made removed the extra menu header bar for a more native feel on desktop
  • Teams with multiple workspaces will now see a sidebar panel to access and switch between their workspaces seamlessly
  • We have improved our auto updater so all future releases will have a restart button to not require manual restart of the app

Don't use desktop apps yet? Download our Windows and Mac apps to always stay on top of your work!

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Nov 11, 2021




This round of changes in Nifty tightens some of the product screws as well and ensures a superior product experience to streamline your workflow. 🙌

Timeline View for Tasks

Tasks now have their own Timeline view independent of Milestone view. Whether you want to see the big picture phases of your project, or the individual tasks timelines, Nifty now has the view for you! You can even group the tasks by Assignees, Tags, Dates, and Milestones 🚀

Task Embeds

You can now embed anything in tasks to supercharge your workflow and keep everything aligned in one place. You can add these embeds in the attachment section of the task.

Milestone Screen Improvements

  • The Create Milestone button in the top right of the screen has been removed in favor of the inline button along the left side below the bottom Milestone
  • More than one Milestone can now be expanded at any given time to give you a broad overview of your tasks across milestones
  • Tasks can now be pasted in bulk within Milestones

Task UI / Board Improvements

  • Task Start, End, Reminder, and Recurring dates are now all able to be managed in their respective tabs under the Date field inside of a task
  • The Subtask progress bar will only appear upon the entry of a subtask
  • Milestones can now be created from the Task list view
  • Task Board Filters have been consolidated into a single dropdown
  • The "+" button next to the columns in List View now brings you to Column Sort with the ability to add a Custom Field found below the sorting experience

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Home now defaults to no enabled widgets so you can add widgets that fit your workflow
  • We're waiving goodbye to Grid View of Docs and Files as List View is far and away the fan favorite
  • Projects will now indicate which Portfolio they'll be in during project creation
  • Date pickers now have a year adjuster
  • The One-Click Task Creation fly-out is now accessible from within a Doc
  • Files & Docs in tasks has been renamed to Attachments
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Nov 5, 2021




A flurry of bug fixes and feature enhancements in this change log. 👨‍💻

Product Updates & Bug Fixes:

  • Kanban is now the default task View of a project
  • Tasks is now the default search category in Spotlight Search
  • Added a tooltip regarding module enable / disable to reflect project views are for all project members and home widgets are for personal view
  • Subtasks now indicate which task they belong to with a back button
  • Fixed creation bugs associated to subtasks
  • Fixed an issue where recurring tasks had their subtask order randomized
  • Fixed an issue where inviting members to a private doc didn't add them to the doc pages
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating private projects were created as public
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Oct 29, 2021




This all new update brings the definitive space for project updates and team management, while creating tasks has never been faster from anywhere inside of Nifty. 🚀

Introducing the fastest way to create tasks, ever.

Nifty Quick Tasks-min.gif

Creating new tasks in Nifty has never been easier. A button in the top right of the interface (& keyboard shortcut!) opens up the all new create a task fly-out where you can create multiple tasks with ease.

You can even create personal to-do's that aren't visible to anyone that can be moved to projects and assigned to others later.

Reimagined Project Home View


Project Home has a bunch of new features and updates to make it the update hub of your project. Home is also the first screen members of a new project will see.

Project Outline

Create a project brief, set scope details, and set expectations in thew Project Outline feature!

Activity Log

Home now has an Activity Log which tracks the following actions in your project:

  • Project creation

  • Project Members joining / leaving

  • Milestone created

  • Milestone completed

  • Milestone dependency unlocked

  • Task created

  • Task completed

  • File uploaded

  • Doc uploaded

Personalized Tasks Widget

The Tasks widget in Home now allows you to filter tasks assigned to yourself to make your Home screen even more actionable.

Improved Member Management

You can manage members and user tags for projects seamlessly from Home now.

Additional updates:

  • Due dates can now be changed on task cards with one-click without having to open the task
  • Added name of the task that a subtask is part of in My Tasks
  • User Profiles can now be opened through their avatars in Home
  • Guests are no longer required to adhere to the Workspace's SSO setting
  • Guests can no longer edit or delete Tags
  • Completed Tasks now filter properly
  • Completed tasks are now available in My Tasks
  • Fixed an issue with project Task Report exports
  • Fixed an issue with removing members from a project
  • Fixed an issue with the duplication of a Hidden task
  • Fixed an issue with users receiving faulty notifications
  • Fixed an issue on mobile with List/Kanban transition in Tasks
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Oct 13, 2021




The Nifty you know and love just got a whole light brighter with our all new light mode for an immersive experience. ❤️

Light Mode

nifty-home-white (1).png

Our previous Light Mode with the darker sidebar is now called Classic to make way for our new Light-on-Light theme. For anyone who's been with Nifty since launch, this theme is closest to our first iteration and has a special place in our hearts. You can toggle between the three themes in the dropdown menu in the top left of the Browser and Desktop apps.

Introducing Free Forever Plan

In light of the strenuous times, we wanted to find a way to bring Nifty's award-winning functionality and collaboration experience to users across the spectrum. With our new free, forever plan, you can invite unlimited team members, clients, and create unlimited tasks.

For more details, visit our pricing page.

Additional Updates

  • Fixed a bug that would show a permission error to admins adding tags to documents and files.
  • Fixed a bug with admins creating custom roles not being able to save them sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug with revoking invite links to Guests not saving at times.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements
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Oct 8, 2021




Throw your workflow into high gear with Nifty's all new project automations and one-click task groupings so you can focus on work that matters. ⚡⚡


Automate your repetitive work with Nifty's latest automation wizard that brings your workflow to life with if-then triggers. Automatically add task due dates, user assignments, messages, and more with this new powerful rollout. Learn more

One-Click Task Groupings

Further automate your task board with one-click task groupings. You can group tasks by Assignees, Due date, Tags, and Milestones to bring clarity and actionability to your tasks. Any task that is created from a grouping automatically picks up the group's filter.

Additional Updates

  • Change an existing doc's privacy setting quickly via dropdown menu now
  • Docs order has been revised to reflect docs last updated vs last viewed
  • Fixed a bug with annual recurring dates showing as undefined sometimes
  • Fixed a bug with file comment notification not disappearing from discussions at times
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements
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Sep 15, 2021





Nifty expands the power of integrations with our Webex video experience as well as an in-app Zapier App Directory. ⚡

Webex Meetings

Similar to our native Zoom integration, teams can now launch Webex video calls as an alternative to bring conversations face to face. This marks the introduction of our partnership with WebEx with more to come!

Zapier App Directory

Zapier's massive array of potential integrations can now be found within Nifty via the Zapier Directory. You no longer need to leave Nifty to browse, create, and implement automated Zaps with over 3k apps within your Workspace!

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue regarding time zones as it pertains to Missed Messages emails
  • Fixed a permissions error issue when downloading Workloads reports
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Sep 8, 2021





Nifty collaboration now extends to email and Nifty Docs get taken to another level with the ability to model them into a knowledge hub. 📖💡

Wiki Style Docs

With doc pages you can create deeper linked documents o emphasize a knowledge base layout while making individual Docs easier to access. Bring more clarity and organization to your documentation!

Sending Messages via Emails

Messages within Nifty projects, tasks, and direct messaging can now be emailed directly to members of your workspace! This is a great way to send reminder of conversations from inside of Nifty to those outside of it.

Doc creation from Task Comments

You can now create a Document from a Task's Comment section (similar to how Docs from Discussions work currently). Documents created in the Task Comments will automatically attach to the Task.

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with GDrive and Docs import not appearing on the Desktop apps.
  • Disabling and enabling integrations on Desktop apps will no longer require you to reboot the app.
  • A popup will now appear prompting you to create a Status if a Milestone is created with no active Statuses.
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Aug 25, 2021





Dive into all new ways to streamline your workflow with our Custom Roles, Away Mode, and a refreshed All Tasks (with a mobile update to boot!). 🚀

Custom Roles

Create Custom Roles to dial in fine-tuned permissions based around your exact workflow requirements. Manage work, your way! Learn more

Manual Away Status

Take control of when you're suggesting your availability by overriding your Online / Away Statuses from your profile settings (top right corner in the header).

Refreshed All Tasks

The Configure button has been reimagined as a sidebar to allow for a seamless project configuration experience.

Mobile Update

A slew of fixes and improvements for mobile make displaying 24h time, sharing doc links, and navigating Kanban collapse icons even easier.

Additional Improvements & Fixes

  • Users will now be asked if they wish to complete open subtasks when completing the corresponding task
  • Added support for exporting docs with foreign language characters
  • Fixed an issue where Dark Mode was not properly triggering
  • Fixed an issue regarding saving Templates and Duplicating Projects
  • Fixed an issue with exporting documents not exporting the correct doc titles
  • Hidden tasks now remain hidden when moved into non-hidden Statuses
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