Nifty changelog
Nifty changelog

July 11, 2022




Dive into all new ways to stay on top your workflow with list view for Workloads and the power of expanded personalization. πŸŽ‰

Introducing List View for Workloads

Workloads List.jpg

The all-new List view for Workloads will provide a comprehensive overview of members in a workspace and the tasks they have been assigned in a given period. List view additions include:

  • Viewing tasks grouped by members

  • Tracking open vs completed tasks of members

  • Reviewing time tracked by members in a given period

  • Sorting tasks by status, due date, and tags

  • Rescheduling, assigning, or moving tasks between members

✨ Tip: Use the + button in list view to customize and sort the columns.

Custom Fields Mapping for CSV Imports

Looking to bring over custom data? Spreadsheet and CSV imports now support the ability to map your custom fields by allowing you to create those field types during the import and then mapping them for a seamless migration into Nifty.

24-Hour Time Format

Select your preferred time format in the profile settings to toggle between 12-hour and 24-hour format.

Miro Board Picker

Embedding your Miro boards into your Nifty projects just got a whole lot easier. Simply select your Miro boards in the embed screen for one-click embeds to start collaborating effortlessly.

Zapier v1.4.0

New Zapier release includes updates the option to select member names instead of user IDs as well as the ability to create public or private projects. Connect Nifty with over 5000 apps for custom workflows. Learn more

Additional updates:

  • Subtask tags will now be included in the My Work section.

  • Fixed a bug where removing custom fields from projects would also remove them from the workspace library.

  • Fixed a bug with opening files in the Files section of My Work.


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June 27, 2022




This micro-but-meaningful update squashes a few bugs and makes Nifty even easier to navigate and use. πŸ’ͺ

Completed Personal Tasks in My Work

The Completed section of the Tasks tab in My Work will now include completed Personal tasks for more detailed overviews of your work.

User Tags in Workloads

User tags applied onto team members will now be included in the Workloads section to quickly search and navigate to members by their name or tags.

Go To Project from Tasks

Quickly navigate to a project from an open Task in Workloads and Calendar with the Go To Project found at the Task's header.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Messages hidden from Guests in a Discussion will now show the "hidden eye" icon for reference.
  • Column due date sort will now sort nearest dates to the top automatically. Sort by: Milestone in Kanban view will now reflect the order that your Milestones appear in your Roadmap.
  • Fixed an issue where recurring tasks in an archived project were appearing as Personal Tasks.
  • Fixed an issue where notifications were inaccurately marked as read.


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June 17, 2022




We're excited to announce the release of some powerful features that extend and enhance your workflow flexibility so you can let Nifty do more of the work for you. πŸš€

Custom Task IDs

ProjectColor (1).jpg

Ever wished to rename the random task IDs set by Nifty? Well, you can now set your own custom task IDs by giving a pretty short name to your projects that are easy to remember and not so random. Learn more

Formula Fields

Formulas (1).jpg

Take your workflow to the next level by using custom formula fields. Easily make calculations between numeric, date, and time fields on tasks to automate the tedious work. Learn more

New Automations

Automations (1).jpg

You can now create additional automation rules around tasks that are overdue and for tasks that have a reminder enabled to extend the flexibility of your workflow and keep things moving. Learn more

Default List View

Customize Columns (1).jpg

Looking to keep everyone aligned? Set default views for projects in List View of your tasks with custom fields, columns, and order to define what project members see when they visit their tasks. Learn more

Additional updates:

  • Assign custom colors to your projects for visual navigation

  • Pin default cover images for tasks in your Kanban boards

  • Custom date field has been added for custom fields with the ability to search, group, and filter tasks by such dates

  • Support for 10 additional currencies has been added to track budgets, costs, and rollups in native currencies

  • Miscellaneous performance & bug fixes


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June 9, 2022




Nifty _ GCAL-B.jpg

Sync your calendars two-way to easily keep track of your tasks, timelines, and events from both Nifty and within Outlook & Google. πŸ”₯

With this powerful integration, you can:

  • Create and assign Tasks in Nifty to have them appear in your Google & Outlook Calendar(s)
  • Create Events in your Google & Outlook Calendar(s) and have them appear in your Nifty Calendar
  • Keep track of changes to task names, descriptions, start dates, and due dates

Learn more about connecting Google Calendar πŸ‘ˆ

Learn more about connecting Outlook Calendar πŸ‘ˆ


Additional Updates:

  • Emails forwarded to your project email address will now create a task under the project owner if the sender-email is not recognized
  • Auto forwarding from Google to create new tasks is now supported
  • Upgraded Zapier to translate user IDs to actual user names for ease of use
  • Reminder and Creation dates are now available as columns to display in the list view to view all tasks that have their reminders enabled as well as to track their creation date
  • Fixed a bug where subtasks of archived tasks would show in the calendar view
  • Miscellaneous performance & bug fixes.


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May 25, 2022




Take your reporting, team collaboration, and personal productivity to a whole another level in this fun and exciting update! πŸš€

Custom Field Rollups

Understanding the big picture of your tasks has gotten a whole lot easier! Rollups summarize the values of Budget, Currency, and Number based custom fields in the header of a Status, the Milestones within your Roadmap, and as widgets in your Project Dashboard.

Some great ways to use rollups are:

  • Budget projections
  • Sales & lead values
  • Time & cost estimates

…and many others! Learn More

Message Sharing

Click on the timestamp of a message in Nifty to copy it to your clipboard, and share it elsewhere in your Workspace with instant previews. This a fantastic way of citing previous messages or calling attention to important announcements.

Kanban View for All & My Tasks

All Tasks and My Tasks will now support the ability to easily switch between List and Kanban (board) view β€” so you can flexibly manage work, your way.

Chrome Extension v1.3

An all new Chrome app is now available with notification badge for direct messages so you can chat and be notified of new messages across your browser. Additionally, we've squashed all of the known bugs for a much improved experience! πŸ‘‰ Get Nifty for Chrome

Additional Updates

  • Create button in the header now includes separate option for personal and project based tasks
  • Vertical videos will now be scaled to fit in the file preview
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements & bug fixes


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April 22, 2022




This update is all about streamlining feedback cycles and making your day-to-day collaboration more easy, fun, and efficient. πŸ™Œ

Proofing for Image Files

Spend more time doing real work and less time sending emails. You can now annotate image files and aggregate feedback from your team & clients in one place. Annotations can be assigned as tasks & subtasks to members for actionability. Learn more

Proofing for Videos

Imagine being able to leave comments at specific timestamps. Wouldn't that be nice? Well, now you can! Proofing extends to videos with timestamped annotations to make sure every second of your production is dazzling! These annotations can be assigned as Subtasks. Learn more

Voice Messages πŸŽ™

Create expressive conversations with voice messages. Take your conversations to another level by recording and sending a voice message as quick and easy as writing a text. Learn more

Additional Updates:

  • Turning messages into tasks is even easier now with Assign a member option when hovering over a message in discussions.
  • Fixed a bug with milestones not reflecting completed tasks in project dashboard.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


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April 1st, 2022




This Nifty update is all about removing work and adding flow to your day-to-day workflow with a focus on actionability and new ways to automate Nifty. Let's dive right in! ⚑️

Introducing Auto-Mode in Roadmap

Remove manual work from building and managing your roadmaps with the all new auto-milestones mode. Auto-mode will simplify project roadmap management by automatically adjusting milestone date ranges in accordance with the start and end dates of tasks within them.

Auto-Mode will even help you bulk update milestone and task dependency deadlines when there is a shift in project timelines.

πŸ‘‰ If you're looking for a way to automate the creation and management of your Roadmap, be sure to check out our Auto-Mode Help Guide.

Zoom-to-Fit Roadmap Views

Use our all new Zoom-to-Fit function across Roadmaps and Timeline views for a full-picture overview on your tasks and milestones.

Filter & Group Tasks by Custom Fields

Easily filter and group your tasks by custom field drop-downs to drill down and see the information you need.

Performance Improvements

Nifty just got a whole lot faster! We have made significant performance improvements across the Nifty app to make switching between views and projects a breeze.

Additional Updates:

  • Project Home is now referred to as Dashboard, and the Milestones screen is now referred to as Roadmap. Milestones still exist within the Roadmap.
  • Improved search experience to allow you to quickly filter through different projects when searching.
  • Fixed a bug with time stamps not showing correct total for individual members in their profile.
  • Fixed an issue with Story points showing incorrectly in Workloads. They are now based on Open and Completed tasks filtered by their date ranges.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


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March 11th, 2022




This Nifty update allows you to customize your workflow to highlight what's relevant with colors and controls! πŸš€

Color Coded Statuses

Image 3-11-2022 at 11.00 AM (1).jpg

Mark statuses with colors to help differentiate tasks, beautifully. Tasks within a colored Status will show that status' color across Timeline, Calendar, and Workloads view β€” so you can align everyone on the progress!

Taskboard Controls

Image 3-11-2022 at 11.03 AM.jpg

Define your Kanban view by enabling the exact data you need to see. Show or hide image previews, descriptions, tags, task IDs, and now even custom fields on task cards. You can even default these views for everyone.

Time Scheduling

Image 3-11-2022 at 10.53 AM (1).jpg

You can now view un-scheduled tasks in your personal and team calendar views and drag them across your monthly, weekly, or daily view to easily manage your schedule.

Collapsible Sidebars

Image 3-11-2022 at 11.10 AM (1).jpg

Looking to get a complete visual overview of your roadmap and workloads? You can now collapse your milestone and workloads sidebar to get a birds-eye visual view.

Additional Updates

  • Nifty will now remember your default Notifications tray filter so that you no longer need to manually flip to Show Unread.
  • New project docs can now be created right from Tasks so you can keep relevant information together.
  • Emails forwarded to projects by project members will now automatically appear as a Task in the first Status unless structured to appear in a specific Status or as a Discussion message as outlined in our Help Article
  • Miscellaneous performance & bug fixes.


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Feb 17th, 2022




Expand your wings and spend time where it matters. This update is all about making Nifty more powerful and helping you be even more efficient. πŸ”₯

Quick Actions

Creating projects, tasks, docs, or personal notes are now just a click away. Our all new Create button will replace our Add a task button to give you quicker access.

Screen Recording 2022-02-15 at 03.11.36 PM.gif

Floating Tasks

Juggling multiple tasks? Simply hit the minimize icon in your task window to float the task in your Spotlight navigation bar so you can open it later from anywhere inside your workspace.

Screen Recording 2022-02-15 at 03.13.10 PM (1).gif

Linking Tasks Together

Empower cross-project collaboration with our task linking feature. Connect a task to one or multiple other tasks for seamless information sharing.

Enhanced Subtasks

Subtasks will now support custom tags and will have a dedicated description field, similar to tasks. Additionally, subtasks assigned to members will now reflect in their Workloads.

Customizing Project Home

Project members and activity have been widgetized so you can toggle them on/off. Project admins can now set customized views as default for other project members.

Moving Milestones & Docs Across Projects

Ready to ship your work? You can now move entire milestones with tasks and docs from one project to another to make handing off deliverables between teams super easy.

New Languages Supported

Nifty is spreading its wings globally. Additionally supported languages now include Chinese, Italian, and Russian.

Additional updates:

  • Double clicking on task status will now allow renaming of the status.
  • Text with over 100 characters when turned to tasks will default to task description for better context.
  • Chats with removed members will no longer show in the team chat widget but can be referenced using search.
  • Fixed an issue with tasks show the wrong start/end times in calendar when already marked as completed
  • Fixed an issue with editing folders in Safari browser
  • Fixed an issue with mentions in docs comments not always sending a notification.
  • Miscellaneous performance and interface improvements.


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Feb 9th, 2022




This update is all about keeping your work in one place. Time is money, and spending more time using more tools is even more money. Let's dive in! πŸ’ͺ

Introducing .CSV & Excel Imports

Import to Nifty 4email.png

Pick up right where you left, without missing a beat. You can now bring your work from anywhere with our easy to use CSV & Excel imports. Learn more

Harvest Integration

Nifty _ harvest (1).png

Easily track your team's time spent across Nifty tasks, while managing invoicing and expense tracking directly in Harvest. All without having your team leave Nifty. Learn more

Additional updates:

  • Custom tags will now be included in your .csv exports.
  • Milestones now have a hover menu for quick actions.
  • Archived milestones no longer untie tasks from them to keep your progress intact.
  • Fixed an issue with clicking on unread messages banner that would scroll up to past messages.
  • Fixed an issue with user names missing in task activity stamps for start and end date changes.
  • Miscellaneous performance and interface improvements.


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